S.E. Reid is a freelance writer, editor, and poet living on a patch of wooded wetland in the Pacific Northwest with her craftsman husband and her big black dog, Finn. Her nonfiction work previously appeared in the now-retired Plants Are Magic magazine in the UK, her short fiction “The Book” was published by Mysterion in April 2019, and in 2020 she self-published a poetry-based Advent devotional called Pilgrim God. She has also contributed to Issue 4 of Being Human magazine in 2021. You can find her newsletter at Substack and her poetry, original photos, and snippets of acreage life on Instagram: @thewildrootparables.

As a Celtic Christian and a student of Christian mysticism, she loves to hear and tell stories about nature, history, ghosts, and God, and believes that the Creator can be found hiding in and around even the most unlikely corners of His Creation. When not writing she loves to cook nourishing food, read widely, and tend to her vegetable garden.


Has written short stories, novels, plays, countless poems, and articles; published in both the US and UK.


Over a decade of proofreading and developmental editing experience in fiction, nonfiction, academia, and marketing.


A varied career spanning all ages and abilities; working knowledge of public, private, and Montessori school systems.

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